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    Australia's Anti-Corruption Party

    Federal ICAC Now (FIN) is now an official political party! 

    The Morrison Government, with Labor's support, has moved the goalposts, right before calling the election. We need to reach 1,500 members! Can you join us?

    Join Australia's Anti-Corruption Party! New legislation has increased the number of required members to 1,500. 

    Will you join us?

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  • published Open Letter: 59 Eminent Australians in News 2021-06-28 17:20:01 +1000

    Open Letter: 59 Eminent Australians

    Open Letter: 59 Eminent Australians & Legal Fraternity call on PM to Fulfil Election Promise and Legislate National Integrity Commission

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  • published International Anti-Corruption Day in Events 2021-06-28 14:31:02 +1000

    International Anti-Corruption Day

    9 December 2021, is International Anti-Corruption Day. It is a day for governments, businesses, civil society and the whole of society to renew our commitment to working together to end the devastating impact of corruption on people’s lives around the world.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed gaping weaknesses in the ways many countries spend public resources and make decisions during crises.

    Independent of COVID-19, investigative journalists’ exposés have again this year laid bare the weaknesses in the global financial system that allow public wealth stolen from poor countries to be laundered and spent in rich ones.

    The crisis has demonstrated that protecting public resources and putting an end to illicit financial flows is a matter of life and death, in the most literal sense.

    Join people like you right across Australia with this national day of action.

    December 09, 2021 at 8:00am
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    Past Mailbox Drops

    To confirm a letterbox drop in your local street you should have your FIN Party ID number. You can check your ID number above. 

    Your ID number will be the number that appears after "recruiter_id=". For example:


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  • published Take Action 2020-10-29 10:25:28 +1100

    Take Action

    Australians are demanding a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption. We are sick of the dodgy-deals and corruption that is becoming the norm in Australian politics.


    We are demanding that the Federal Government take action by instituting a strong Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption without delay!


    1,442 signatures

    I support a strong Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption. No more delays and excuses! We demand the Australian Government takes action and immediately funds a strong Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption.

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