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    Australians are demanding a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption. We are sick of the dodgy-deals and corruption that is becoming the norm in Australian politics.


    We are demanding that the Federal Government take action by instituting a strong Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption without delay!


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    I support a strong Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption. No more delays and excuses! We demand the Australian Government takes action and immediately funds a strong Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption.

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    If it’s of any interest, this is my (amended) attempt at recruiting for FIN. What did I do well? What can I do better?

    For a first world country, the corruption in our federal politics is almost unchecked these days because of a lack of independent oversight. This means, in practice, separate rules (or lack of) for politicians and big business who gut this country’s abundance and accelerate the wealth gap. What does it mean to you when those in power resist any reasonable, practical or effective oversight? What admission are they making by that resistance? Do we trust them to defy human nature and keep themselves honest when there are millions, billions of dollars free for their taking at our expense when the current system affords most Australians almost zero means for effective opposition?


    Want to pay less taxes? Then, how do we start working towards getting the big end of town to pay theirs. Who controls those levers?

    By comparison, most Australians now live under a sort of modern day slavery in a plutocracy which masquerades (poorly) as democracy. Despite, for example, their shameless hostility towards people unfortunate enough to find themselves relying on a Centrelink pittance once in a while, politicians and big business are the greatest hypocrites in the tax welfare system, their snouts inhaling the public trough as they help themselves to massive handouts and perks off the backs of their modern day slaves. They are only getting bolder in their contempt of those they barely pretend to represent. Further facilitated by a blatant concentration of media ownership by the Murdoch press, the complacency, gullibility and greed of their readership ignorantly and willingly feed the plutocratic business model in exchange for a few crumbs that they may all further mortgage our kids futures. How much benefit have younger generations, indeed the majority of Australians, benefitted from the neoCON rhetoric about this magical “trickle-down effect”? As long as the potent combination of ignorance and greed perpetuates this myth, the Murdoch press will continue to feed the delusion. If enough Australian have an appetite to buy the propaganda, the Murdoch press will be selling it.

    Think there’s nothing you can do to oppose these obscene societal trends towards irreversible inequality? There are some very real and very powerful opportunities to change that. Consider learning to recognise the language of propaganda utilised by media outlets such as the Murdoch press and then weigh it against that of reputable independent media. The choices available to us from moment to moment can be our greatest superpower as individuals.

    The false belief that we have a two-party system? More propaganda! The USA don’t even have a two-party system. It’s the oldest trick in the book: divide and conquer; us versus them; black and white. But there’s always been more than two options. A parliament representative of its people is not a concentrated, corrupt and collusive two-party system. Balance of power as a means to better represent the will of the people lies in diversity in parliament. And what better way to start than supporting a new force against corruption in our federal politics. Secondly, help launch the new federal political party, Federal ICAC Now (FIN) by becoming a member. When membership is FREE, what’s to lose?


    “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. Plato