FIN will be a political party with just one objective – the establishment of an adequately funded, staffed and empowered Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Corruption has long been a feature of Australian politics and recent events have magnified both risk and impact.

A federal ICAC might not eradicate corruption in Australian politics, but it could put a fair-sized dent in it.

Once established, FIN will organise to stand candidates for the Upper House including the next half-senate election which can be held as early as 7 August 2021 but must be held by 30 June 2022.

The establishment of an AEC-approved political party, a party with its name and logo above-the-line on the Senate ballot paper, requires 500 members, all of whom must be on the electoral roll.

FIN members will choose candidates to take on the issues.

We hope you will join us.

What’s next

FIN is seeking at least 550 applications for membership.

No membership fees will be sought during this stage, but due diligence regarding membership eligibility will be undertaken.

FIN will then apply to Australian Electoral Commission for registration as a political party.

Please note, the AEC advise that a requirement for registration is that the party needs to provide a list of the names of between 500 and 550 party members who are on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll and who are not also relied upon by another party for registration purposes.

A person can be a member of multiple parties, but under section 126 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, paragraph 2A states that “[t]wo or more parties cannot rely on the same member for the purpose of qualifying or continuing to qualify as an eligible political party”.

Registration also requires submission of a party constitution.

A draft constitution has been prepared but is not yet finalised. Members will receive a copy of this draft and their relevant feedback will be accommodated before formal submission to the AEC.

The constitution will be specifically for a party operating online and directed by member votes on all major issues including candidate selection.

Proposed initial office bearers will be announced shortly.

Proposed membership cost

Membership will be free until the date FIN is recognised by the AEC as a political party.

A modest membership fee will be charged to members who join after this date.

Donations will also be sought.

Who started this? 

The formation of Federal ICAC Now (FIN) is being facilitated by Independent Australia (independentaustralia.net).

Independent Australia is a progressive journal focusing on politics, democracy, the environment, Australian history and Australian identity. It contains news and opinion from Australia and around the world. 

Independent Australia (IA) is strictly non-partisan will have no direct involvement with or control over FIN.

IA will provide administrative support to FIN during the party formation period.

Once the party gains AEC recognition and has some funding capabilities members will decide ongoing administrative arrangements by direct vote.  

FIN convenor until AEC recognition will be IA investigations editor Ross Jones.

Party positions subsequent to AEC recognition will be decided by member vote.