Frequently Asked Questions

Those are questions posed to us on social media.

Greens and Labor have put a federal ICAC bill up and Morrison has knocked it back 14 times! What's he got to hide?


We don’t know what Morrison has to hide, but indications are the Coalition is riddled with corruption.

FIN supports the Greens pro-ICAC policy, less so Labor’s watered-down proposal for a National Integrity Commission.

It was only 2019 that Albanese argued against a Federal ICAC.

Wouldn’t it be better to throw your support behind one of the other parties calling a federal ICAC seeing that is your main agenda?


Efforts by other parties to establish an adequately funded and empowered Federal ICAC are to be encouraged, but other parties have competing priorities. The fight against political corruption is not their number one concern.

FIN’s sole aim is the creation of a Federal ICAC.

Political corruption affects all voters, left, right and centre.

FIN will give the electorate the chance to send a meaningful anti-corruption message to politicians of every party.

Australia enjoys preferential voting, so a vote 1 FIN, YOUR PARTY 2 means voters have the ability to register their opposition to political corruption while still supporting their main team.

Only about anti-corruption? Getting elected is far broader than that. So what is your party's ideology?


Ideology is a combination of ideas and ideals. Many are very complex, FIN’s is very simple.

Honesty in Australian politics.

It is an ideal worth striving for.

What seats will you contest?


FIN will contest senate positions in all states and territories where suitable candidates are selected.

It is also possible FIN will also run candidates for the House of Representatives.

What parties do your candidates come from?


FIN candidates will be nominated and selected by FIN members in an open process.

Following successful AEC registration, FIN will develop an on-line platform to enable all members to participate in the party’s decision making.

All potential candidates will be subject to the rigor of member scrutiny.

What happens next?


Successful AEC registration will make FIN a formidable force in the lead-up to the next election.

The arrival grass-roots people’s party with the sole aim of dealing with Federal political corruption will send a shock-wave through the body politic.

It will make the issue of corruption central to public and political debate, which will, in turn, influence the election result.

What does it mean to be a FIN volunteer?


At the moment, clicking the volunteer button simply means you would like to help. If you have special skills we'd like to know about them, as at various stages different skills are invaluable. 

All volunteers will be contacted once registration is achieved.

Currently, we'd love legal and administrative assistance, as well as creative types for social media content, video, animation, music, songs, or writing articles. 

A special thank you to all who choose to volunteer.