FIN Platform


Federal ICAC Now (FIN) Party Platform

FIN is the Australian Electoral Commission-approved acronym for the registered political party Federal ICAC Now.

FIN is a single-issue party and that issue is anti-corruption.

The establishment of a federal anti-corruption commission is the cornerstone of the party but not its entirety.

More than a Federal ICAC

FIN will also pursue:

  • Real-time political donation disclosure
  • a five-year moratorium during which no retiring elected official can be appointed to any government funded position
  • former ministers prohibited from employment in any commercial sector formerly under the authority of that minister or engaging in any lobbying activity regarding any aspect of their previous portfolio/s
  • limits on donations to political parties by corporations, trade unions, lobby groups and other entities
  • strengthened whistleblower protections

Senate Decision Making

When elected, FIN parliamentary representatives(s) will, regardless of which party forms government, vote on any bill by the following method:

  • Each proposal will be closely scrutinised for possible corrupt content. FIN parliamentary staff will be carefully selected and FIN will utilise external consultants to assist in this regard where necessary. If the possibility for corrupt conduct is identified the bill would be rejected until that possibility is removed.
  • If no adverse matters are identified, any proposal would then be considered against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Australia was a signatory when this succinct 30 article Declaration was adopted by the UN in 1948. It remains both relevant and in effect. If the possibility for contravention of the Declaration is identified the bill would be rejected until those contraventions are remedied.  You can read the bill here
  • If these two conditions are satisfied, FIN representatives will refer the matter to its members before a decision is made.


FIN is strictly non-partisan and will not obstruct the legislative agenda of a duly elected government, unless that agenda,

  • acts to prevent or impede FIN’s aims
  • does not meet the voting conditions set out above

This system provides the guidelines to allow FIN to vote constructively on all issues.

Corruption Perverts Policy

From refugee policy to climate change, from aged care to health care, from jobs to the natural environment, federal political corruption perverts proper policy and makes all Australians worse off.

FIN will work against corruption where it finds it.

FIN’s respect for the Declaration of Human Rights will guide us where we don’t.

FIN - Working against corruption!