Rorts in Australian politics are legion.

Now Covid-19 will lay a smokescreen to enable corruption to mutate to another level.

From sports to migration, from mining to education, from the Outback to the Caymans, too many of those we elected to serve us have betrayed this trust for their own venal ends.

And it is only going to get worse.

Coalition policy is to form a so-called Commonwealth Integrity Commission limited to dealing with blatant criminal offences.

As the Financial Review pointed out,

"The government simply does not understand that the role of an anti-corruption body is not to obtain convictions for criminal offences. Its primary aim is to uncover serious corruption in the field of public administration and to expose it publicly where appropriate."

Both major parties hate the idea of a Federal ICAC because both are swollen with historic and contemporary corruption.

A couple of minor parties aren’t so keen either.

But its time is overdue.

"Do we need a federal anti-corruption commission? In one word: yes."

To date there has been plenty of pressure for the formation of Federal ICAC. We support these continued campaigns: 


Community Run

The Australian Institute